2018 ACF Artist Submission *open 5/1 - 5/15*

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2018 ACF Artist Submission *open 5/1 - 5/15*


Submission fee for the SEVENTH annual Accidental Comedy Fest taking place in Cleveland, OH August 29 thru September 2 at Hilarities 4th Street Theater.

If selected, you will receive LODGING YOUR ENTIRE STAY + a per diem. We received hundreds of submissions and are only able to invite about a dozen, so do not take acceptance or rejection heavily.

3-7 minute set of stand up THAT BEST REPRESENTS YOU RIGHT NOW
*If you are sending a several years old clip, probably don't submit
*If you are rushing around to get on a good show to get a good tape, probably don't submit
*If you have a clear, crisp video & audio that represents your unique POV & comedy chops, please submit!

*Fill out THIS FORM on google that gives us what we need.

Judges are comedy fans that will provide constructive feedback if desired. They are asked to grade submissions & offer something comics do well & something they can work on when feedback is requested. If you do not want feedback, you will not be given it and they will just ascribe a grade to you for the submission panel to weigh in comparison with every other submission.

It's really wonderful seeing how organically the reach of the fest has grown. Welcoming talent of all experience levels from all over the country is one of my favorite aspects of curating the festival. Look forward to welcoming some of you to Cleveland this Labor Day weekend.


THAT'S IT. 2 week window. Thanks for considering bringing your talents to Cleveland.

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