Accidental Comedy Club

Cleveland's Comedic Pulse



Formerly known at Chucklefck, the Accidental Comedy Club has come to be a respected source for relevant comedy in the greater Cleveland area. Curating shows with some of Cleveland most respected venues and brands on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 

Accidental Comedy Club is dedicated to enriching the artistic scene in Cleveland through live stand up comedy and other productions. A social club where artists and audience come together to build a community that enables performers to grow into their voices.

Founded in 2015 by Ramon Rivas II, Accidental Comedy hopes to be for Cleveland what Second City is for Chicago. Except for stand up. And in Cleveland. Where rent is immaculately affordable and delicious foods are abundant.

I always expect there to be a drop off when I leave NY. Because it’s not a big city it can’t be as good. But then I come do these (Accidental) shows and they’re at hip places and the people are cool and the shows are great. And it’s in Cleveland. It’s cool.”
— Dave Hill, Comedic Dynamo