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IF YOU ARE A COMEDIAN that would like to PERFORM on an ACC production, use the bottom booking request form.

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A good clip goes a long way towards getting booked. It's not needed for OPEN MICS, but most shows/clubs are more carefully curated so a clip is something you should have ready as you pursue bookings with Accidental & other venues! Youtube/vimeo links preferred
A good booking email is: who you are, what you're looking to do, when you're looking to do it, a clip and that's it. But you can be as flowery and fluid with your words as you'd like.
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Most of the shows we produce are carefully curated, but below are the ones that are "open booked", anyone can email and get a future performance date. This is a free showcase to perform on & attend. HERE IS A LIST OF WEEKLY OPEN MICS IN CLEVELAND MONDAYS Tacos Tantos (Lakewood) 7p Around The Corner (Lakewood) 10p TUESDAYS Tick Tock Tavern (Cleveland) 9:30p WEDNESDAYS Lakewood Village Tavern (Lakewood) 9:30p FRIDAYS Mad Macs (Lakewood) bi weekly 9:30p
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